Labomar acquires majority of Welcare Group

14 July 2021

Labomar announces the closing today of the acquisition of a majority stake in the Welcare Group, comprising Welcare Industries S.p.A. and Welcare Research S.r.l., producers of medical devices for skincare. As indicated in the letter of intent signed between the parties on June 29, 2021, Labomar today concluded the acquisition of 63% of the Welcare Group. The additional 7% shall be acquired by the end of 2021.

Partner’s statements:

Walter Bertin, Founder and CEO of Labomar: “We are very satisfied with this transaction, which we consider to have very significant strategic and industrial value. We have had the good fortune of meeting an entrepreneur of great energy and ability such as Fulvia Lazzarotto, who has made her dream come true, together with the husband, of building a solid and highly-specialised enterprise. The presence of a Partner and Manager such as Marco Grespigna, in addition, has contributed to the company’s vision and the governance of the lines developed over recent times. In view of our history and values, it was easy to find common ground to build a development path which shall lead to very interesting results for both companies.

Fulvia Lazzarotto, Founder and CEO of the Welcare Group companies: “This transaction is a major milestone for our company and truly puts us on a new growth plane, benefitting from the extensive expertise and assets available to Labomar. This agreement will enable us to become a leading wound care and skincare player both nationally and internationally. We are very proud of the Welcare team which, over 20 years of dedicated work, has built the value which Labomar has recognised in us. I am sure that the vision and goals which we have discussed over recent months with Walter Bertin can translate into excellent operating results and effective solutions for the needs of our patients”.

Marco Grespigna, Partner and Director of the Welcare Group companies: “Bringing together Fulvia Lazzarotto and Walter Bertin, whose entrepreneurial and personal qualities I have known for a long time, has been a goal for me since I joined as a partner at Welcare at the beginning of 2020. I was certain that two visionary yet practical entrepreneurs like them could lead to something exceptional. Today, I am happy to see how that insight has become a reality. I believe that Labomar and Welcare have significant strategic commonalities and that the synergy between the two companies can fast-track the common goal of becoming leaders on their respective markets.