New product in Importfab’s portfolio, developed together with R&D Labomar

7 July 2023

The collaboration between Importfab and Labomar is a growing success. After several months of research and feasibility studies, this collaboration has produced a new product that once again confirms the positive integration of Labomar Group companies.

The synergic work between the R&D department and the Labomar regulatory team has enabled the commercialisation of a cosmetic formula created in Italy and developed for UV protection, converted into a natural veterinary product for the North American market.

The result is a new reference for topical use, produced completely in Canada according to the highest quality standards and with specific sustainable characteristics: in fact, it has been produced without secondary packaging, allowing a reduction in paper consumption, and with the use of a physical rather than chemical filter, to guarantee increased safety.

This new product confirms Importfab’s ability to intercept the needs of its customers, relying on the solidity and expertise of the parent company’s R&D and Regulatory teams.